My first book — How to start hacking


This blog is about my book HOW TO START HACKING on amazon.

For the guys who are new to the hacking world i strongly suggest you my book which is available on amazon. You don’t need any prior knowledge about hacking at all.

I have given my all notes and advices which nobody will give you. This book contains a proper roadmap which will make you better and capable of hacking.

This is a snap when i was writing the book, just to tell u that this is not a professional book rather it’s a layman book which make u better. Nobody care about professionalism until he is getting knowledge.

Tips for studying the book:-

  1. Read line by line and no need to make notes.
  2. Use kindle features to enhance reading experience.
  3. Places where i have uploaded notes, kindly read them carefully.
  4. Whenever i say to open your laptop, do that…..
  5. Never forget to google stuff!

These 5 points can make you better and better..

Please show support guys and also don’t forget to contact me using me social media handles.

Link of the book —



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adihacks Aditya Rawat

adihacks Aditya Rawat


Entrepreneur.. Cs student..Hacker ..Speedcuber… Chessmaster… developer… of How to start hacking